Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Village website

Don't forget the new Village website.

Useful links from the Doctors surgery to the next train from Halling Station

Hope you find it useful!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Twitter Updates

More updates to the automatic Twitter and Facebook feeds. Now shows "Feels Like" This is what the temperature actually feels like (Windchill below 16c and Heat Index above 16c) So although the actual temperature shows, say 26'c, if Humidy is high, the temperature feels actually much hotter.

Also todays Sunset time is added!

Halling Weather on your phone??

I have just loaded the new scripts and have the iPhone App updated and I think it works and feels 5 x better! It may also work on Android, but I haven't got access to one of these so haven't tried it.

From my website:

There is now a new iPhone/iPad web application that brings you Halling Weather on the go!
With Live Weather, all the stats' Hi's & Lo's, Wind Gusts, etc etc and also including Rain Radar, Local Webcam, and Mini Forecast all sized just for the iPhone/iPad (Android)!
Best of all, it's FREE!!
Screenshot examples

Here's how to get it.
Browse via Safari on your iPhone/iPad to:
Here you will see the web App load with a summary of the weather etc. Before navigating away from this page, here's how to add it to your Home Screen.

Tap the "Forward" sign in the middle of the bottom toolbar of Safari (has box and arrow to the right)
Choose 2nd option (Add to Home Screen)
Name it Halling Wx (Wx being abbreviation of Weather)
The new App will appear on the Main Home Screen of the phone

Try it here (Obviously graphics are designed for iPhone screen!) Click this LINK

* Although not a native iPhone App, like ones available from the App Store, it has been designed as a web page to mimic an app and suit the iPhone .
It may work on Android, but how to save it to the Home Screen I don't know I'm afraid!

PC problems and Recent Downtime

You may have noticed, that recently the Halling Weather website hasn't been displaying live weather data.
Recently the Weather PC which is a 5 year old X2 model running on XP pro, underwent some upgrades. Firstly the PC was only running 1Gb of RAM due to a failure of the other 1Gb last year, so as Corsair have a lifetime guarantee, I decided to get it replaced, but as they were a pair I had to send both back. Unfortunately either UK or Dutch post have lost or had them pilfered, so currently I have no idea of their whereabouts.
During this downtime, I decided to ditch the old Hard Drive and install another. Without RAM I had no way to set this up, but I had a rare brainwave the other day and realised a very old PC dumped in the inner bowels of my garage may just have a suitable RAM stick in it. Luckily, although being slower, smaller at 512mb and many years old, it fired up the Weather Data PC and so I installed the new Hard Drive.
With a fresh install of XP loaded up, after some initial problem, finally Weather Display software was reinstalled with all the data from the last 6 years. At last LIVE data!
During the switch-over, it appears that the Weather Station's Data Logger (which is not a PC) did not upload the missing data from the last 3 weeks.
Data was also being lost overnight, as power is stored overnight from the Solar Panel in to a capacitor and was running off an expensive battery cell which doesn't last long. This was due to that capacitor failure in the main integrated sensor, so that will be replaced soon. (Anyone expert at soldering????????)

So one day either Corsair may find the RAM or it may turn up somewhere and the PC can get back to having a respectable 2Gb of Memory, until then a rather slow 512mb will have to suffice.

Apologies if you've missed your local weather fix for the last 3 weeks.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow, rain, mush!

So winter has been a bit up and down here. Saturday saw 2 inches of snow, then Sunday our low was minus 8.8 going below the station record and probably the coldest temperature since 1982.
Last night (Mon/Tues) saw a band of heavy snow that looked to promise to give us a half foot dumping, seeing as the first 2 hours gave us two inches. However around midnight, temps rose slightly above freezing (dragging the Dew Points up, google if you don't understand Dew Point) and snow petered out to sleet/rain and a thaw set in.
The thaw has continued all day, leaving a soggy mess behind, and even rain has been falling threatening to wash away, what could be potentially a "White Christmas", well on the ground anyway!
Weather in the lead up to Christmas looks maybe uneventful (tomorrow nights snow looks set to stay North of the Thames) just cold with temps hovering around or just above freezing. The return to mild weather Boxing Day onwards remains to be seen, with experts saying it could go either way. If the mild air keeps getting pushed away by the locked in cold, then the cold continues into New Year and beyond. If the Atlantic wins, it could be game over for winter weather lovers.

Friday, 17 December 2010

SNOW...Yes No Yes No Yes No!

Why the silence from me?? Well the title says it all about this weekends much anticipated/feared snow event, it's too close to call. After the arrival of the Arctic Air last night (Read Polar Vortex, rare indeed and last seen here in 1955) the weather systems surrounding the UK are so complex, the computer models and forecasters just can't decide where the snow is going to fall tomorrow. Somewhere, someone is going to get it, and get it big! Accumulations of towards 1 foot "could" fall, and there again it might miss us completely here!
The track of the low pressure system is crucial to where excatly the heavy snow falls, and we probably won't know until about 6 hours beforehand, hence why all the cagey BBC 1 forecasts!

Oh and by the way, this cold could also stay with us until Christmas!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

A wintery outlook

Here's is the latest long range forecast from the Met Office.

Looks 50/50 on a White Christmas, but almost certain a very cold spell leading up to the "big day"

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Light showers in the east Monday, with a few bright or sunny spells. Further bright spells Tuesday and Wednesday but showers in the east turning wintry. Overnight frost, especially inland.

Updated: 1556 on Sat 11 Dec 2010

UK Outlook for Thursday 16 Dec 2010 to Saturday 25 Dec 2010:

An unsettled and cloudy start on Thursday with rain and hill snow sweeping south followed by sunny intervals and wintry showers. These showers soon turning mostly to snow, especially in exposed northern, eastern and western parts of the UK and persisting over the weekend. Some significant accumulations are likely in places and with strong winds at times, there is a significant risk of drifting. Temperatures will be generally very cold with widespread overnight frost and icy stretches developing in places. During the following week there will be further wintry showers and freezing fog may become a hazard. Some southern parts becoming less cold with a risk of heavy rain, particularly in the southwest. However, the southerly extent of snow or northerly extent of rain is very uncertain at the moment.

Updated: 1211 on Sat 11 Dec 2010

UK Outlook for Sunday 26 Dec 2010 to Sunday 9 Jan 2011:

Continuing unsettled and often windy with further wintry showers and perhaps some longer outbreaks of snow in places. Temperatures look set to be generally below average for much of the UK, with a risk of frost and ice in places. However, some milder spells are likely with rain rather than snow, especially in the south.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Coldest Winter for 100 years looms???????

Okay, so the snow is thawing, and the village looks a complete mess.
Last night saw my Weather Station's all time low smashed, when it reached -8.5c (smashing the previous record by -1.5c) Windchills of -12.c were also recorded last evening. Then as the warm air from the west arrived, just after midnight, the temperatures soared to +3.c in a matter of an hour or so. That's a massive jump and very rarely seen to that extreme on a winters night.
Next week has us back in the grips of some very cold weather and possibility of a snow shower or two during the week.
The next computer run I have seen, then extends that cold snap for a further week and beyond possibly!

One weather expert who has got the Long Range Winter forecasts right the last 4 out of 4 times is predicting the coldest winter for 100 years????

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Levels topped up!

Constant snow throughout the day, have added to the snow lying here in the Village. Levels are in excess of 1 foot in places, though due to the weight of the snow, it has compressed a bit so doesn't look like we've had that much more.
But constantly clearing an area and remeasuring throughout the day, has seen us probably receive another 4" or so since this morning.

The worst of the snow is about to fizzle out, then we'll be seeing the temperatures drop considerably. Today was the coldest day since I started the weather station, with a maximum of -1.4c

Saturday could bring about a very strange day, of rain constantly changing to snow and back to rain.

Maybe once in a lifetime??

Incredible snow depths here in the Village this morning after overnight snow, and still it continues to fall.
Last night saw a further 1/2 foot fall leaving the village currently with a depth of arounf 1 FOOT of snow!
Snow should ease as we go into the afternoon, and tomorrow should be the first day all week that snow hasn't fallen. The weekends mild spell (4.0c!) is still possible though it's hanging in the balance, if it does come then it will back to freezing conditions next week.

Have fun and don't go out if you don't have to!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Heavy Snow

Heavy overnight snow bought an additional 4" to the Village and now gives an approximate covering of 5-6" / 15cm (Deeper in drifts)
This is possibly the heaviest snowfall here in the village in years, maybe just surpassing Feb 2009

The heavy snows were bought by a slight shift in the wind to bring the Thames Streamer (Convective Showers in a "Train like" formation) right over Bluebell Hill accompanied by 20-30mph winds.

There are more showers to come and the possibility of a front pushing nearby to the south which "could" bring more heavy snowfall overnight.

Daytime temperatures are not set to rise much above freezing, but milder air is rumored to be arriving Saturday or Sunday as Westerly winds finally win over the Easterlies.

Enjoy it while it lasts snow fans!!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Close but no Cigar!

Well if you're a snow lover, then today, in Halling, was a total disappointment compared to other areas.

Here in the village snow started last night around 8pm and continued on and off for almost 24 hours. However the intensity wasn't that great and with temps near 1c and dew points above freezing any further snow did not settle and a thaw set in.

However just a few miles North, in Gravesend, there have been snow totals of 8 inches plus!! The snow has been coming in on a Streamer, which has the cold East airflow producing convection in the Thames Estuary and just funneling them non-stop along the River clipping N.Kent and S,Essex and piling into Gravesend-Dartford-Bromley and Croydon areas, where snow depths could reach almost a foot!

We are not out of it yet, temperatures are set to dip even further and more snow showers can be expected, but where is a lottery. How can you forecast these events, it's just so localized.

Perhaps a milder interlude coming at the weekend?

Monday, 29 November 2010



Heavy Snow 0001 Tue 30 1200 Tue 30

Persistent snow will start overnight and become heavy at times on Tuesday morning, giving accumulations of 4 to 8 cm, locally 10 to 15 cm, especially on hills. The snow is expected to ease in the early afternoon. Icy stretches will also form on untreated surfaces.

The public are advised to take extra care and refer to the Highways Agency for further advice on traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Weekend cold but not a lot of snow......but Tuesday...well!

The weekend snow is now looking likely to be a non event here in Kent, however there are predictions and warnings for Tuesday in to Wednesday of a major snowstorm with Blizzards that could spell significant disruption in the South. Maybe a foot of snow...?, but we'll have to wait and see, as per usual it will probably turn to rain and be a complete damp squib!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Prolonged Cold Spell Looms!

Well I did mention it quite a few days ago.

Snow and very cold temperatures are set to reach Kent by as early as Thursday, and much as some of you may wish, it's not just a quick flash in the pan!
The cold spell, with perhaps some moderate accumulations of snow here in Kent, look set to continue for at least a week with no mild spell on the cards!

A long cold spell, with Snow events starting in November........ almost unheard of here in Kent! We've had cold ends to November before, but these are usually associated with High Pressure dominating, making cold but stable weather. This is different, very cold temperatures with heavy snow showers packing in from the North Sea.

Make sure you watch all the BBC/Met Office TV and Online Forecasts and keep up to date with Weather Warnings linked on the Halling Weather website!

Oh.....and go and find your snow boots and fluffy hats!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Turning Cold....Possible Snow Events!!

Met Office have issued a long range forecast for next week, that seems to have blown the previous long range forecasts out of the water. Maybe Winter is going to start with a bang, rather than the usual whimper!!

(From the Met Office)

UK Outlook for Wednesday 24 Nov 2010 to Friday 3 Dec 2010:

The period will begin cold, with many central and western areas having some bright or sunny spells. Wintry showers will affect eastern areas, particularly along the coast but these will extend inland at times. The showers will start turning to snow even at lower levels at times. During the first weekend, there is a risk of more widespread sleet and snow for a time, with the possibility of some significant accumulations in places. The cold or very cold conditions are likely to continue into the second week, with widespread overnight frosts and the risk of icy surfaces. There is a chance as we move into December that southern and southwestern parts will become more unsettled as rain, sleet and snow try to push up from the south.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Cold Winter Looms???

Another long range weather predictor senses another cold winter in prospect for us here in the South East.

Read About it here:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot !!

Record temperature for Halling Weather

Yes it's hot! Today reached a very uncomfortable 31.7c here in Halling which is a record for the weather station. (5 years I think) and probably the hottest since 2003.

Night-time temps are also going to be very uncomfortable and unlikely to drop much below 20c !!

Forecast the same up until around Sunday then temps getting back to a more pleasant 24c.

In a word YUK! (I hate hot weather!)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Rapid Temperature Drop!

Monday 24 May, saw temperatures reach a pretty hot 29'c in the afternoon, then all of a sudden the wind got up, swung rapidly around to the North East and sent the temperature in to freefall!
I haven't observed this happen too much, except during a storm but skies remained fairly clear.

And by how much might you ask?? Well the Weather Stations observations registered a drop of 12'c from 29'c to 17'c in just 1 HOUR!! Quiet remarkable.

Friday, 19 March 2010

All quiet as you see!

Spring is on the way, and as you've seen we've had some pretty uneventful weather in the last few weeks, lots of dull and cool conditions.

However yesterday we reached the giddy heights of 16.6 degrees, which is the warmest it's been since last autumn.

Pop back from time to time if we've had anything "exciting" happen but in the meantime I'm not going to be "blogging" about averages and normal conditions!